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SonicWall® Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection™

At the heart of every SonicWALL network security solution is the patented RFDPI engine. SonicWALL’s pioneering RFDPI technology unifies several security products into a single integrated suite, allowing administrators to manage local, remote and mobile network security simply and cost-effectively. RFDPI increases productivity by allowing IT to create reusable and adaptive policy control. More than simply a security approach, RFDPI incorporates object-based contextual controls over user identity and access; application identity and access; data leakage; network optimization; as well as granular reporting, auditing and forensics.

rfdpi diagram

Protection against application vulnerabilities
The development cycle of most commercial software is quick. No matter how skilled the developers are, hidden vulnerabilities can appear, even in the most robust of software packages. While developers work quickly to find and close these vulnerabilities, hackers work just as quickly to find and exploit them. Deep packet inspection examines all downloaded, compressed and e-mailed files, and examines information at the application layer to protect against the more sophisticated (and more prevalent) attacks that target application vulnerabilities.

Protection against both external and internal attacks
The attacks that occur daily against enterprise networks don't just come from hackers halfway across the world. Many come from within the enterprise organization. Workers who have inappropriate access and unhappy employees can pose a threat. In addition, internal threats may appear completely by accident. An honest employees may accidentally open up a back door without even realizing it.

Deep packet inspection scans several application types and covers many protocols, including SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, HTTP, NetBIOS and many other protocols and application types. Network layers are also scanned. As a result, the enterprise network is protected from both external and internal threats.